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  • Plugin Author Scott Cariss


    The plugin does ignore itself automatically. This is the first reported case of this happening.

    I’m reporting the second?!

    3rd. Appreciate the plugin! It has been a good tool.

    Here’s a screenshot of my site


    I added WPFMP_DATA to the ignore list to make those emails go away.


    I understand that I can add WPFMP_DATA to the ignore list but my concern is that the size of the .sc_wpfmp_scan_data file keeps getting larger and larger (on one of my sites it is currently 940kb and growing daily). Does this affect performance of the website in anyway?

    WordPress File Monitor Plus is an invaluable plugin for me and I would like to keep using it on all my websites – it’s saved my bacon a few times – but I don’t want this data file to keep growing if it’s going to cause problems. This is one of the plugins that I would happily contribute to… if you are reading this Scott Cariss.




    7th is mine and is there someone who can explain this folder and files belong to which plugin or is it a part of WordPress core in new release.


    Plugin Author Scott Cariss


    For what ever reason the plugin is not ignoring its data file.

    The file .sc_wpfmp_scan_data is where where this plugin stores the data from the past scan to compare to the new scan so it can tell when files change.

    The file size of this file will will be however big it needs to store the previous scan. I would expect the file size to increase over time as your website grows. The more images you upload the more files this plugin has to scan and the more files that have to be recorded in the data file.

    You can safely ignore the data files changing as they will each time the plugin scans. The plugin should automatically ignore the scan files but in your cases it is not… I’m not sure why.

    As flashbuddy says above you can ignore the scan data folder in the settings and this will stop you getting notifications that the data file has changed each time.

    I’m currently doing work on this plugin that does away with storing the data files in the filesystem hopefully removing the problems that you are all having. I’m working on it bit by bit in my spare time so I don’t have a time frame when it will be ready.



    Thanks for the info and update Scott. I now understand the reasons why some .sc_wpfmp_scan_data files keep getting larger, and why some remain the same size. Your plugin doesn’t seemed to have affected the performance on any of the websites I use your plugin on.

    I’ve been following your work on GitHub on the updates for the plugin and it’s looking good.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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