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  • I have used wordpress for several years on Hughesnet successfully. However for the last year I have been unable to use the admin dashboard at my home because I constantly get a page that says: “Bad Response from Server” every time I make changes. I can wait several minutes and reload and the page loads correctly until the next time I make a change and it happens again. I can go to my office which uses dsl and all works fine. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Before you tell me to dump Hughesnet. I would if I could, but I live in the woods and have no other available options.

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  • This happens only at your home?

    I am sorry, but it does sound like a connection issue, which does point to your satellite service.

    I don’t know that you can fix it. If you can fix it, you’ll probably have to take it up with your ISP. New hardware (dish, modem, not really sure what kind of setup they have), a service upgrade, possibly moving the hardware or clearing out trees or brush that might interfere with the connection might help. I’m really just guessing. I’ve never had satellite service but I have had a microwave connection and it was sensitive to the things just mentioned.

    Thanks for the reply. I considered the obstructed satellite but that is not the case. All other sites work fine, it is only when I am in the admin dashboard of my wordpress sites. I can even view the frontend of my sites unless dashboard is open in another tab. That’s kinda why I was thinking it was a wordpress or php issue. This has me confused!
    Anyway thanks again!

    Does you have any plugins installed to limit I.Ps? Maybe your host will know more about this issue, they may be blocking certain types of traffic.

    A lot of stuff loads on the WordPress backend and a lot of stuff happens when you edit things– a lot more than happens on the front end of most websites. It could be that you are hitting a bandwidth limit or a connection timeout.

    A lot of sites use PHP and MySQL, same as WordPress. That in itself shouldn’t be an issue.

    This is pretty interesting though:

    I can even view the frontend of my sites unless dashboard is open in another tab.

    I have never encountered that. Probably 90% of the time have a tab with the front end and another with the backend open at the same time. That could point to a cookie or session problem. It is going to be very hard to tell without carefully analyzing your traffic.

    What kind of speed do you get with your connection? And it is consistent?

    Have you tried accessing the backend with Javascript disabled? A fair number of convenient functions don’t work but all the basic things do.

    Sorry, all questions, no answers. I even had still another question but I can’t remember it now 🙂

    [Edit] Remembered my question 🙂

    You said this started a year ago. Did you do anything just prior to the beginning of this issue? Add a plugin? Update the site? I know, I know… hard to remember.

    Have you tried with all of you plugins disabled and using the defaout theme?

    Darren–I don’t have any plugins to limit IPs that I am aware of. I will check with host. Was hoping I was not the only person experiencing this and it was an easy work around. Dealing with tech support is a pain!

    s_ha_dum–I am within daily bandwidth limits if that is what you are referring to.
    I cannot give you a speed-test now as I have gone to my office to work on the sites, but it is usually slow… faster than dial up, slower than dsl, and when I tested, slower than Hughesnet advertised.
    I have not tried to access the site with javescript, or plugins disabled. I will try that,

    Thanks to you both!

    … slower than Hughesnet advertised

    Pretty sure that applies to everyone… 🙂

    Good luck.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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