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  • Here is what I have. My primary domain and wordpress installation is in the root. I’m bringing in some subdomains and 2 other domains I have to all be managed in one location. I’d like to have one dashboard for all of this.

    I believe I understand what is needed to make this work but, I’m still looking for advice and don’t understand some of the terms used. Here is what I am planning.

    1. Backup everything
    2. create folder structure
    3. disable plugins
    4. configure multisite
    5. re-enable supported plugins
    6. import existing content into the appropriate folder

    What I’m still unclear of is since this will be a mix of subdomains and domains I’m not sure if this is even possible or if it will force me to use folders or not.

    To make it as easy as possible I don’t plan on moving my wp installation and to keep my main domain running from the root.

    What I assume is that once I’ve pointed both wordpress and my hoster to the appropriate folders that wp will understand that structure and therefore put all the files for the correct domain in the folder I’ve specified.

    Here is the structure so far

    \wp is installed on the root
    \ files have all been placed off the root as well.
    \subname1\ files will be place in their own subfolder hoster will point a record at this folder
    \subname2\ files same as above

    \newdomain2\ will be place in a subfolder
    \newdomain2\ will be placed in a subfolder

    Now if you are sitting out there and would be willing to be paid for a bit of work I could sure use some advice and help.


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    Multisite won’t give you one dashboard. and are on a multisite together, but each has it’s own wp-admin location.

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