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    I’m sorry @bilimokur but could you provide more information about your plugin? What are you trying to do?

    The screenshot you provided for the page source was too small to read.

    Does Auto Load Next Post work without your plugin?

    Sory for this. I uploaded again.

    Page source
    Console error

    I added this line for loading jquery.

    When i load juqery with functions.php to head it gives this error.

    And yes. I deactivated all plugins without alnp

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    Plugin Author Sébastien Dumont


    I’m not sure why you are modifying Auto Load Next Post directly or trying to load another jQuery. WordPress already does that for you.

    This error is produced due to your modification. This is not an error created by Auto Load Next Post.

    Ok. Now i am using original alnp plugin and removed juqery3.2.1 from functions.php. But this error not fixed.

    I don’t understand why displays this error

    Plugin Author Sébastien Dumont


    Can you then provide me a system status report. Install this plugin and copy and paste the report in your next response. Thank you.

    Here is my status report. Thank you.

    Plugin Author Sébastien Dumont


    Can you change theme and see if the issue still appears in the console?

    Do you have an exact copy of the site live for me to see?

    No i am developing a new theme. But i tried this plugin in another theme and it don’t display any error. Can you give me any advice?

    Plugin Author Sébastien Dumont


    It sounds like there is a conflict with the theme you are using. The only advice I can provide is to ask the developer of the theme you are using for support. Tell them that you would like to use Auto Load Next Post but with their theme it does not work.

    Explain that you have tried Auto Load Next Post with other themes and have found no issues with them only theirs.

    They should then look into themeselves and make adjustments. It could be that the JavaScript in the theme is loading in an order that Auto Load Next Post does not like or there is a conflict possibly due to the theme using something similar and Auto Load Next Post is unable to decided between the two 3rd party JavaScripts on which to support.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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