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  • It started off with acceptable performance, but over time Klaviyo has abandoned the support of this plugin as well as any care it once had for performance. “But Http/2, Http/3” is not an excuse.

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    Hi @rhevstudios, thank you for your feedback. Would you mind providing us with your public account ID and posting it here so that our team can look into this case for you? You can follow this guide to locate your public account ID (also referred to a Public API Key, please do NOT share any private API keys):

    Integration and plugin performance is certainly a priority of ours, so we are interested in checking out your site to get a better understanding of why you may be experiencing degrading performance. Once you provide us with the account ID we will send it to our engineers and open up a support ticket for you. Thank you and let us know if you have any questions.

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    so we are interested in checking out your site to get a better understanding of why you may be experiencing degrading performance

    Install a fresh copy of WordPress.

    Here is a screenshot of excessive Klaviyo network requests. There is no reason to have users download 100+kb to track a simple email input.

    Plugin Author klaviyo


    @rhevstudios thanks for this information. I just sent you an email with a few follow up questions specific to your account. Once you reply to that email, I will be taking this to our Onsite team to assess what we can do to help. Looking forward to hearing from you in response to the email!

    We are testing staging sites. We came to 100% desktop scores and 95% for mobile on lighthouse speed tests. It takes some smart developing to come to these numbers. As soon you enable Klaviyo’s plugin the numbers degrade to 70% or less…

    As the OP said,…

    In ecomm load time is everything and while all your plugin does is track data and gathers email on the frontend it simply cannot have such an impact on site’s speed performance.

    15 scripts? for what?

    While Klaviyo fell asleep, other self hosted solutions like Autonami will slowly but surely take over.

    Rethinkg your WordPress / Woocommerce strategy guys. You may loose other customers real soon.

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    Do not expect a fix anytime soon. I have not heard from them for a month now.

    This was the last message they sent to me on July 6th:

    At this exact moment, it looks like this is expected behavior, but we absolutely acknowledge that performance can be enhanced significantly. We are continuing discussions on the matter this week and into next week as well.

    I’m not sure why they said this is expected behavior, but we will be transitioning over to a new provider when time allows us to. It is absolutely not worth the performance trade-off; As a temporary workaround, I’ve had to delay execution of any klaviyo script until a form is in view and ensure it is below the fold on as many devices as possible.

    At this time, I can only suggest anyone who is using WordPress to avoid using Klaviyo.

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