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  • superbigcat


    Considering that i use the calendar event pro for art exhibitions, this events stays for weeks as active events.
    The problem is that I need to show, for example on homepage, the actual event but considering that the starting date is important, cause this is often the grand opening.

    So, I want to know if its possible to display, via shortcode, the next following events, but only considering the starting date of each event.

    Now the problem is that events started days or week before are still considering as actual events, this is the case, but they come first.

    I m not sure to be clear so I give u an example :

    Event start on 10 nov and to 10 december
    Event start on 20 nov and to 20 december

    Today we are 14, so I need to make appear only event with a start date from 14 to the future.

    Can your shortcode do this ?

    THANKS 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Barry


    It can do this, or rather you can do this with a little customization work 🙂

    There are at least two approaches that spring to mind and there are probably numerous other ways you could investigate, too.

    Let’s start with the first. The default template used by the [event_embed] can, luckily, be overridden. The original template can be found in:


    Feel free to use that as the basis of your own custom template which you might place somewhere in your theme, ie:


    When you use the shortcode you can then specify that you are using this new template:

    [event_embed template="custom-embedded-events"]

    Now you can safely customize that template to achieve your goals. In this instance you would probably replace the following section:

    <?php echo tribe_events_event_schedule_details() ?>

    Alternatively, that same function I just referenced is filterable and following WordPress conventions the filter is simply name:


    So if you’re happy working with hooks and filters that is another avenue you could look into.

    Good luck!



    Hi Barry,

    your explanation is very clear, the only probleme is that I don’t have skillz to do it.
    I mean, I will spend half day and won’t be even sure that it works well 😀

    I ll try to find a freelance programmer, it doesnt look so complicated 😉


    Plugin Author Barry


    No problem. If you do want to give it a try, though, check out this “recipe” I wrote up on the Event Rocket blog:

    Custom templates and date formatting

    Not sure if it’s exactly what you want/need but it could get you close if nothing else.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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