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  • Hello there
    This plugin sounds perfect for us.

    Is it possible to see the progress of any given user by name.
    Eg Jane completed step 4 of course X
    John completed step 9 of course Y etc….

    I have installed the free version, just to tinker around, the option to add the COMPLETE button to a page is not showing up.

    Thank you kindly, we have a rather large site and we are leaving a leading LMS in favour of your plugin, so I just want to make sure it will do what we need.

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  • Plugin Contributor zackgilbert


    Hi @susanmarco. We have the ability to see the user’s activity via the WordPress users page or from a WPComplete specific user section. If there’s something else you need, we are always open to suggestions for improvements.

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    Hello Zack, mega impressed to hear from you directly and this quickly, thank you.
    We are working through some final migration nightmares, how to workflow as we are talking about embedding hundreds of videos and exporting content from LearnDash to then import and govern it all with WPComplete.

    Thank you again. Can you please point me to somewhere that teaches the Free version setup? I have downloaded the free version just to see how it works in general, but I see nowhere in a block or otherwise to select the WPComplete option on the page or post. I do not want to take your time from paying customers, I respect them and you, if you could just point me to some documentation and I will go through it.

    Thank you again, I am really hoping this is our new and final solution 🙂

    Plugin Contributor zackgilbert


    The biggest difference with the Free version is that some of the features aren’t available. But for the post types you have WPComplete enabled for (via the our Settings page), you should see a “WPComplete” metabox at the bottom of the page along with a “Yes, I want this page to be completable.” Once you check that checkbox, the free version should auto append a completion button at the bottom of the page for you.

    Beyond that, our help section of our site, while geared toward our paid PRO version, it should provide answers to any questions you have: But don’t hesitate to ping us again or email us with questions. We try to get back to people as quickly as we can.

    Good luck! Hope it does what you’re looking for!

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    Thank you again, I found out what I was doing wrong. Free is sweet, but we need to go PRO 🙂

    I was JUST about to hit the Upgrade to PRO button when I realized I am working on a mockup site. The PRO licence is good for one site I think? So I need to work on the actual site. That site is “live” and has active members, so I need to work without disturbing anything.


    We are with LearnDash and are leaving. No bad reflection on them, just overkill, some bugs that are vital to us and never got fixed and a little stiff as far as functionality for us. K, I said I was gonna be nice. Shutting up and moving on….

    Upon leaving and buying WPC

    We have a monthly video membership site running with Paid Memberships Pro. Some of the content is freewheeling, basically, the client can choose whatever they want in any order.

    BUT… there are those who want structure, and this is where we need to track their progress daily as there are specific lessons on specific dates and they also need to feel the “click of the mouse I did it” sensation. I know, hokey, bear with me. So these are our a la carte programs. let’s call them.

    Think of it like streaming a show on Netflix and watching the episodes in any order you like, or, instead, having to watch them in order and not being able to get the next episode until you have watched the previous. I know you have a redirect after WPC button is clicked in PRO.

    In other words, we need both of these options to live happily under one roof. We would use WPC on some, but not on others. The site is clean and fast, on fumes setup. Does what I am laying out here make sense and do you think it would work?

    Thank you so very much for your time.

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    When someone clicks on Mark As Completed if I do not want them to advance to the next lesson, I believe I read in your documentation that I can redirect them to anywhere I like?
    Thank you again

    Plugin Contributor zackgilbert


    @susanmarco Yup! Sounds like you can do what you’re looking for, no problem! A couple things I’d recommend:
    1. Yes, you can redirect the page to any other url, once the post is completed. This is available via the metabox option. You can also add add a redirect to any button’s shortcode that will redirect upon completion: [wpc_button redirect=”” ]
    2. You can conditionally display content depending on the button state (completed or not):
    3. You can display a list of lessons in a menu to show what lessons are available. As they are completed by the user, they can be marked with different styles:
    4. We also have shortcodes that you can use to navigate between posts like [wpc_previous_page] [wpc_next_page]

    Hope that helps!

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