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    I’d like to use WP as an article management tool (any comments on that alone would be welcome.) Pretend I’m writing the Harry Potter books ~ I already know I will be writing 7 books for this series. What are any advantages or disadvantages to setting up 7 separate copies of WP ~ one for each book? I’m thinking in terms of article management during the writing phase (may need to do some minor re-organization) and output (intermediate & final: ebooks,press,etc.). Or would it be better to use a single copy? Any other considerations anyone can think of when using WP for article management? Thanks so much.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I don’t know about the tool thing, but I would go for 7 installs.
    – Easier to manage in smaller chunks.
    – Once book 1 is published, it is not ‘in the way’ of the other books
    Good luck with the authoring 🙂



    That’s what I thought initially. I wanted some input to see if I was going for the short and easy route which may be more trouble later if I want to vary my output. Thanks for the feed.



    Couple ideas:

    1. WP has a feature to display entries by pages. So, if an entry is, say, and entire chapter, you can choose to display one page at a time. A clickable link can be displayed t take the reader to the next page.
    2. During the revision process, you can change the date of the entry. So, if you need to position one entry prior to another, for proper sequence of story, you can edit it and change the submission date.
    3. You can set WP up with categories and subcategories. So it might be worth thinking about having the first level categories be your “book” names, and the second level categories be your “chapter” names.


    Might also be simpler to just have a different category for each book. I don’t know that I’d go through 7 installations myself, but to each his/her own. 🙂



    I’m attempting to use WP as a method of organizing and managing articles, releases, and various other items as well as news, and announcements.
    I think the main consideration is in the design, and less in WP’s ability. It can certainly do it, and does it well. But my design is so, well… cruddy, that it’s not intuative, or effective just yet.
    nothing wrong with the engine though.
    my cruddy example



    Thanks for all the input. Catagories/sub-cats for books & chapters using semantic titles may work since I am not absolutely sure of the order when it comes to certain details of the material. Is this ‘display entries by page’ a feature using a simple PHP line of code?
    It’s not that I’m just writing 5 or 7 separate books in series ~ the material is connected. Here is more on what I am attempting to do: Say I am describing 5 closed systems or processes. Each has a beginning, a middle and an end. The separate middles of each of these systems become intertwinded. There is a point where this middle becomes a separate ‘entity’ in and of itself. This has an affect on the anticipated outcome of each of the separate systems. The end result as a whole ends up being totally different than planned ~ say there are now 10 separate outcomes.
    Ok ~ I am going to write about the 5 separate systems up to each of their middle point. I don’t want to have to write about the middle mess 5 separate times ~ just once. I want a reader to be able to start with any beginning (1,2,3,4 or 5) and get to the common middle part. From there they can end up going down one of the 10 outcomes. In some way it would be more like taking a reading on a tour of a complex knowledgebase.
    Should I be using something like Drupal instead? This seems like a CMSs dream project ~ I just don’t want to have to write in MS Word and then do all the markup separately. Any input?
    oh, and dss ~ “Self-centeredness is a disease!” I’d have to agree.

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