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  1. http://www.berryconsiderate.com

    Looking for some design feedback on an up and coming non-profit website.

    It has no content relative to the cause yet, this is just a mock up that I'd like to get some feedback on.


  2. mores
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Ooooh, neat slider thingie!!!
    Nice graphics, very clean and crisp ... I like!

    The footer is an eyesore, though :)

    Care to share how you got set it up? I'm looking for a similar thing for a friend of mine, a start page with a horizontal slider-thingie like you got.

  3. Hebbylaya
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Looks great, johnjamesjacoby!

    Mores, have you looked through http://plugins.jquery.com/ for such a plugin?

  4. Thank you, and you're right, the footer is probably a bit much. :)

    It is an adapted JavaScript horizontal accordion. This particular implementation was tricky because of the rounded corners and images. It could be done much simpler.

    I say do a quick Google search for "horizontal accordion" and see if you can find one that works best for you. :)

  5. mores
    Posted 7 years ago #

    i got a vertical accordion on my site, but it was the rounded corners that impressed me a lot :)

    Okay, will do some more googling and code-stealing :D

  6. haha nice... :)

    The rounded corners are actually just tall GIFs... The right side of the roundness won't totally work right on IE because of the way the background image is placed unfortunately, but it seems to work in every other browser I've tested it in.

    Here's what I used...

    Here's a good one, but it isn't what I used...

  7. mores
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Cool, thank you. Stickmanlabs' accordion was the one I went with, by the way :)

  8. Hebbylaya,

    I use jQuery and like it a lot for most applications, but since I am only using this little bit of js, I wanted to keep it as light as possible. jQuery is awesome but I didn't want to include an entire library for just one small bit.

    Thanks though and I totally agree that jQuery would also do this quite perfectly. :)


    I think if I could go back and redo it, that might be what I would pick also. ;)

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