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[Resolved] Consequences of multisite if one site gets sued?

  • Let’s say I have a business with separate divisions. Each division has a separate website and sells different products, but global login credentials are shared among them (multisite)…

    If one site were to get sued, are the others at risk?
    or I could create separate business entities for each website – but then would the global logins inadvertently tie them together to being liable??

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Sued for what?

    And maybe you should ask a lawyer?

    People don’t sure websites – they sue the *owners* of the websites and/or the actual people involved in producing the content. though, you know, sue-happy people tend to name everyone and anyone they can.

    But really, if this is keeping you up at night talk to a lawyer.

    I think i can answer my own Q…

    If the biz got sued for the products/content on one website, would the entire biz be liable (including profits from other products)?… i think so

    A solution could be for content on each site to be owned be separate businesses.

    Short answer – YOU, as the provider of a service, can be held liable for anything on your site. Even a comment in your blog. So yes.

    By YOU do you mean:
    (1) the website creator/service provider, or
    (2) the business that receives the payments for selling the products, or
    (3) the business if they told the website creator to put the content on the site?

    All of the above.

    You are responsible for the content other people put on your site.
    You are responsible for the content you put on your site.
    Your ISP is also responsible for the content.

    Check your contract with your web host. It’s a trickle down thing.

    Many elements to this Q. hypothetical question. Basically…

    I was wondering if by sharing the same database, all sites in a multisite are inadvertently legally associated to each other….

    No, sites aren’t cross-responsible.

    WordPress.com offers websites for anyone.

    If a pornographer makes a site, the people responsible are, in order
    1. The porno guy
    2. WordPress.com
    3. Whomever provides WordPress the Internet connection

    You, who also have a WordPress.com account, are safe. Unless the whole thing gets shut down, but either way, you don’t get sued.

    That list was not exhaustive, mind you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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