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    Hi there – so I have a checkbox in my form that, if checked, means the record gets added to HubSpot. That’s working fine.

    However, HubSpot now have consent fields – following on from GDPR here in Europe – that do not appear as available fields for mapping.

    I’ve looked at a couple of support items here – both GDPR & checkboxes – but I think this is a different issue. It’s not that I can’t get checkboxes to map (I have other checkbox fields that map okay) it’s that the field in HubSpot is not available for mapping in the Gravity forms fields.

    Does that make sense? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,


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  • Plugin Author Chris Lagasse


    Hey there David,

    I’ll take a look at this today while I resolve another issue. The problem here is that HubSpot does not consider these “fields” as they’re additional. I’ll see if I have access to them in order to provide them as a relationship for mapping.

    Hi @soben. Thanks for this plug-in!

    I also need this same issue to be resolved asap! We are using the HubSpot fields from the group called ‘Notice and Consent / Legitimate Interest (GDPR)’

    I have two checkboxes (sorry, can’t attach screenshot here apparently) – one for agreeing to receive communications from us, and another for agreeing to allow us to store and process their personal data.

    As the OP mentioned it’s the same for us, these simply do not appear in WSfGF plug-in properties mapping.

    We need to turn off HubSpot collected forms so that our inbound lead workflows can execute properly, and so that we can use this plug-in to map data properly to the CRM. Collected Forms and this plug-in do not play nice together (not sure if you knew) so I needed to ensure all the forms were replaced with HubSpot forms (blocker #1) and then turn off collected forms. But now I cannnot do that because I can’t create and map proper HubSpot forms properly (blocker #2).

    So this is quite urgent for us, if you can give us an update that would be most appreciated.

    Plugin Author Chris Lagasse


    Just updating this thread to keep things up to date. For starters, kcastle contacted us by email, and resolved their issues by not using the GDPR fields that HubSpot provides.

    As of this time, HubSpot’s Built-In GDPR fields are not compatible with the API, and I am still looking for potential ways to work around it. GDPR compliance in our plugin is done through custom fields, and using the Gravity Forms “Conditional” handling.

    More information can be found on our blog:

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    Thanks for the update Chris, I appreciate it.

    Right, so we can process the feed if a tickbox is checked – that’s fine, and makes sense. The problem is that in HubSpot we still can’t flag them as having given their consent. I understand that this isn’t a fault of the plugin.

    So, I think I will add a custom field to the HubSpot form called GDPR consent, and populate that in the normal way. If we get data audited at some point, at least there is a record of the permission being given.

    Thanks again for your help.

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