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  • I use a personalized version of the “Connections” theme on WP 1.5.1

    Will the upgrade to WordPress 2.0 require a new version of Connections, or any other modifications?


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  • I can’t say for Connections, but my theme Connections Reloaded is working fine on WordPress 2.0.

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    I’m also using a modified version of Connections (not Reloaded) and it works fine. In fact, my whole upgrade experience went very well! (Knock wood.)

    Is someone tracking the themes which do and do not work with WP 2.0? I installed 2.0 yesterday and installed Regulus as my default theme. Something happened to the database, not allowing me to switch back to the default, forcing me to dump the database and reinstall 2.0.

    So far, I know these themes work with 2.0:

    1. Default
    2. Blix
    3. Connections (Reloaded)

    wordimpressed, i don’t think there is any page which is tracking theme support, because i think most of the themes will work with WP2, unless they are doing something exceptionally different.

    “exceptionally different” might be the case, but I still loved my old Giraffe theme, I just found out the hard way that apparently it is not 2.0 ready because as soon as I switched to it, I went white and now I can’t get back in.

    I sure hope that the WP folks can configure WP to determine upfront whether a theme is compatible with their upgrades but I guess that’s the same as FF with ext’s. ARRGGGHHHH!


    You may be correct. Once I thought about it, the Regulus theme does use some external toolkit which likely hasn’t been updated for 2.0. I’m now off to find a good full-width theme to modify.


    Connections theme does work for wordpress 2.0

    I personally tested it.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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