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  • Released a completely reloaded version of the highly popular, extremely beautiful Connections theme.

    Have called it Connections Reloaded.

    You can get it here

    Haven’t changed the look, but I have restructured the files of the theme to make full use of the features of WordPress.
    A detailed list is at the link above.

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  • Ajay,

    I think your site is down for some reasons hence I’m posting here. To close out the last issue about domain name redirection if anyone is in need of a workaround, check it out here

    The 2nd issue is about commenting on a post using “connection reloaded”. At first it is really theme specific as I found no problem after switching to other themes. I later noticed that it could be a server side problem caused by the permalinks setup in admin. The problem goes away if I use “/%year%/%monthnum%/Úy%/%postname%/” instead of “/archives/%post_id%”. Don’t know why but problem solved.


    I have just added new sub and sub-sub categories “testing 1” and “testing 2” as you can see, this misplaced “>” is still there.

    A side issue, perhaps for you and for the “category-level” author, i.e. it would be nice if a plugin can turn-off display of categories in the sidebar until users are logged in?


    Something strange happened. I have been using firefox but today when I tried IE6 to test I found the sidebar got shifted down? Also I have logged in before viewing the site but everytime I clicked the site name at the image in the header I got logged out automatically?

    I can only see the logging out as a cookie related issue, totally independent from this theme.

    How far down did the sidebar shift? If you have very long lines in your post this can happen.


    I think this is IE specific, I like trying new browsers (Opera 8.5 even Flock is OK)none of them have this problem. I have just activated your theme now such that you could have a look at it. Note also the double lines at the end of each page and the sidebar pushed just below those double lines.

    Ajay, I love your Connections Reloaded!!

    Do you mind if I ask: What is are the colors used to match google adsense on your home page? (border, text background?)

    Thanks, in advance!

    google_color_border = "E1D6C6";
    google_color_bg = "F3F6ED";
    google_color_link = "8A3207";
    google_color_url = "473624";
    google_color_text = "000000";

    This is what my code says 🙂

    Much appreciated, Ajay!!

    Pretty nice theme. Are the thumbnails next to the message automatically included per category?

    which thumbnails are these?
    The one containing the date next to the title of each post?

    I just released v1.2 of Connections Reloaded. It comes with the following changes:

    1. I have added Links and Pages to the sidebar. Links displays only on the homepage while Pages displays all throughout. Currently only top level pages are displayed. You will need to edit the sidebar.php to display daughter level.
    2. Version info is not added to the footer. Easy for keeping track.
    3. Display of nested categories in the sidebar has been fixed
    4. Have added buttons under subscription for Feedster, Spurl, Furl, Newsburst, Rojo and Pluck. If anyone knows the button for adding to Google Reader, please let me know.
    5. All images used by the theme are now included in it, especially those used in the sidebar.

    The related post is

    The theme can be downloaded from

    Uploaded and tweaked today. Very much enjoy! Ajay, couple of questions. I have added my parent site’s nav button to top nav, but did not add an accesskeys (don’t know how I feel yet about them – mostly, in terms of a standard for meta accesskeys, etc.), and did not add an id=”.”, etc.. Don’t know if this is a problem.

    Secondly, can you tell me where to edit the “About this site” material along the right side, above the calendar? Looked in the templates and missed where to go…

    Finally, in my users profile page, along the bottom left, is a JS Sidebar link, “WordPress Sidebar.” Can you tell me what this is? Clicking it leads to (some version of) my custom error page (buggy – trying to figure out why I get a messed up version of the error page – works on my parent site).

    Many thanks again.


    Hi Ajay. I’m another new fan of Connections Reloaded. A nice gift to us all, thanks.

    Tonight I just noticed that the right hand menu/etc column (which appears just fine in Firefox) has been pushed to the bottom of the page in IE (latest version). The whole column is entirely below the 2 horizontal rules at the bottom of the page. I notice that others have this same issue.

    I tried adding <DIV valign=top> and </DIV> at the top and bottom of sidebar.php but it didnt make any difference.

    In case you want to see it… is the instance.


    Hi sorry for the delayed replies.

    Removing the ids and access keys will not cause a problem.
    For editting the about text etc, open sidebar.php
    I have no clue about the users profile page.

    Are you running Reloaded on your site?
    Anyway current version is 1.2.2. Recommended you upgrade to it.

    Regarding the menu at the bottom. That happens because your post text or you have a big image. Unfortunately you can’t do anything much except reduce the width of that image.
    Adding the div will not help as the positioning is using CSS.

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