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  • Released a completely reloaded version of the highly popular, extremely beautiful Connections theme.

    Have called it Connections Reloaded.

    You can get it here

    Haven’t changed the look, but I have restructured the files of the theme to make full use of the features of WordPress.
    A detailed list is at the link above.

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  • Hey, when I click on the “here” above, I get a message saying “topic not found.”


    as the above poster, same issue 🙂

    link seems buggered:

    Link is:

    Not too hard to figure out….

    not too hard, but that’s why you get paid the big bucks 🙂

    Moi? I get paid nothing, my friend…. I retired, remember? *laughing*

    Thanks vkaryl,
    I think I forgot to put the http:// while posting the link!

    Any comments?

    Nice work! If i changed the orginal connections (style, wpindex, footer, header files), would i just need to change the same files wi sidebar?

    I haven’t gotten your question completely.

    From what I understand, if you have editted the original connections theme, you will need to incorporate the same changes in this theme.

    If you changed the header and the footer, make the same changes in header.php and footer.php of this theme. Only thing easier is this time you will need to edit just one header.php file and not several files which contained the header information.

    Same as the other files.

    The Connections Reloaded theme is distributed in a universal state, i.e. not personalized for any site.

    I’m new to this, do I just paste all the codes from the theme editor, say for Links, and paste them all onto a new page titled “Links”? Generally how do I set up the top navigation menu?

    To customize the top navigation menu, open up the header.php file
    There you will find <ul id="topnav">
    Within this tags is the top menu.

    As for your links section there is a seperate links page template. Create a new page in Wp-Admin and select the Links Template from the drop-down box. It will automatically add the links found in WP admin to that page.


    Thanks, got it, done though not as simply as you put it. Care should be taken as to where your WP installation is, i.e. if it’s under a subdirectory then the header.php file should be amended accordingly.

    I guess there should be a readme section built into WP to display message from authors of themes and plugins to explain simple things like that to new comers like me.


    One other thing, I have domain pointing to one of my blog when I arrive there via the other domain name the <?php bloginfo(‘url’); ?> adds the relative url to all topnav links. This breaks all links at the topnav? I should be getting url as // instead I got //

    How to fix this?

    well.. this isnt a theme related issue but actually because of permalinks.

    WP will probably throw 404 errors if you have two domains pointing to the same place.

    I can’t confirm this because it’s been a while since I had two domains pointing to the same place.

    Does your site work if you use the default wordpress theme?

    yes Ajay, it works OK on its own if not redirected. I guess this is a matter of the php code within the theme, hence my question to you. I’m new to php. I guess there must be a way that the link is using the absolute path instead of the url which calling bloginfo(‘url’)?

    The tag bloginfo(‘url’) is a wordpress theme tag which gives you the value of your wordpress url as seen in the Options > General.
    This is neither a bug in the theme nor in wordpress.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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