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  • I’m using the theme connections on v.2.0 and noticed the sample has cool tiny images, i.e. quote and astrics etc… they are special symbols that match the site. My question is how do I use them? I know how to write a new entry but can not see where these “wingdings” are.


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  • They are in the /img folder. They show up as dividers between Posts or Comments, separators in the sidebar, etc. You don’t ‘use’ them. They show up as a result of the PHP code calling for them.

    Two exceptions. When writing a Post/Page if you select ‘quote’ you will get the ” graphic. And, the little star shape shows up on bulleted lists in posts.


    where do you select ‘quote’

    and how should you create bullet points? In MS-Word then cut and paiste?

    thx and i luv this program!


    anyone… man i have searched and searched this forum and google… i can not figure this one out…. stumped, alex

    Both of your questions are answered by hovering over the quickbuttons at the top of the Write Post editor.

    what quickbbuttons? at the top top i have dashboard, write, manage, etc… no hovering notes come up. below that is write post and write page buttons no hover there either… to the right I have the blue buttons that you can move around and open up… when you hover them they explain that you can move them… i have been in each button and can not find the answer… i am using v.2.0

    wouldn’t be easier just to answer the question. thanks!!!

    i’m using safari which perhaps i shouldn’t… i’ll try moz and exploder to see it the buttons you speak of magically apear.

    Also, save yourself a LOT of heartache and avoid ms-word like the plague. Use any other editor.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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