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  • Hi all,

    I’m getting pretty nervous when speaking to the support team of my hoster so I’ll try it here.
    My problem is as follows: my wordpress installation stopped working, and I didn’t change anything for quite some time. I’m running WordPress 2.0.x and all I get is a connection reset. PHP is working fine most of the time (I also have two wikis running, a ticketing system, and some of my own scripts), and only with WordPress I have these Problems. For those of you interested in seeing what happens here’s the URL:
    I tried to reinstall wordpress but as soon as I get to step 2 in the installation, I get a connection reset again.
    I don’t get any error messages which would be very helpful.
    For more information about my server see here:

    Hope somebody knows what to do, any pointer is welcome ^^

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  • I’m currently trying to find the cause for the Problem and as it seems I have some problems with wp-settins.php. As I’m working on the above linked version here’s a link to a copy:

    Dunno what is wp-settins, but are you positive you have your wp-config.php correct?

    Have you checked your apache error logs to see if anything is written there?

    Ok what I found out by now: everytime I try to make a mysql query I get back a completely blank page…
    I’ll check the logs now, but I’m pretty positive that the hoster has messed up the PHP installation, question is why some tools work and some don’t…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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