Connection reset on Plugin Add and Themes sections (2 posts)

  1. inuya5ha
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I've installed WP on my dedicated CentOS6 server without problems.

    When accessing the Plugins section, I get a "The connection was reset" error. I managed to avoid that by deleting the plugins/akismet/ dir and hello.php file. Yet the connection reset persists on both Add Plugin and the Themes sections.

    I tried deleting the other two default themes but it didn't work either. I checked apache error log but found no issues. PHP has a memory limit of 128MB in php.ini and I restarted httpd a dozen times.

    This is driving me mad and I'm about to get rid of WP and manually create my personal website, so please try to give ANY suggestion whatsoever on how to found and destroy the problem... thanks.

  2. Hestati
    Posted 1 year ago #

    If you just installed wordpress try reinstalling it, i don't think there is a whole lot you could do before you figure this one out. It probably is just a file corruption.

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