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  1. prodesk
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Okay, its time to quit sweeping this problem under the rug and face up to it. A brief search on google for this subject line return 37,700 indexed pages covering this problem but I find no solution.

    I have clients pulling out their hair and demanding that we fix the problem or else, and all I get from these forums is told not to pollute an existing posting but to open a new posting...

    Do we need to start looking at other CMS apps and walking away from WordPress? We have been living with this issue from the point of the 3.6 upgrade, we are at 3.8.1 and the problem is only getting worse.

    Is anyone involved in the wordpress project even looking into this issue?

    I am sorry, but this is exactly the problem clients talk about when we recommend wordpress over a commercial cms solution, one with a responsible support department that actually responds to problems like this....

    Anyone have a solution?? WhiteHat solution?? Black Hat solution??? Anything at all???

    Should we consider walking back to pre 3.6 wordpress versions and risk the security breaches???

    Is it even possible to walk balk to a STABLE pre 3.6 version??

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