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  • Hi Everyone:

    I recently had to manually upgrade a site because when I logged in all I got was the sidebar, everything else was blank. I disabled plugins in PHPmyadmin and used the instructions under “Manual Update” on this page:

    It is now running fine except for 2 items which may be related. The most perplexing is that I can’t edit anything in my widgets screen. The screen opens, but when I go to click on an arrow to pop the widget open, nothing happens. I also cannot drag and drop widgets.

    The second item, which has been talked about here before, is an error at the top of my posts and pages which reads “Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected…”. I can publish posts and pages with this error at the top, but I’d like to remove it as it confuses others who use the page.

    I have followed the standard “disable all plugins, see if it works” for both items and neither issue goes away after disabling plugins.

    Let me know what you guys think, I am grateful for any support you can give. The widgets item is the most concerning since I can’t change/update widgets, the connection lost thing I can live with if necessary.

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