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  • I have the latest version of WP and recently have this message to post when needing to edit my Pages:

    “Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case.”

    Has anyone experienced this and was able to resolve it?
    Thanks in advance for all help!

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  • Hey there,

    That usually happens when your net connection drops or your connection to the website (like the server goes down), it’s happens to try and save you losing your work.

    You can increase the auto save interval with this in your wp-config.php file:

    define( 'AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 160 );

    The number is in seconds.

    Take care.

    Thank you!
    This is a lot more complicated than my “know how”… the problem didn’t exist prior to updating to WP 3.9.1

    I am unsure how to locate the wp-config.php file, I am building this site through Yahoo SiteBuilder.

    Any help is appreciated, I am currently 3 weeks behind due to this!

    Hey there.

    It really just involves copy, paste, save. I don’t know much about Yahoo SiteBuilder, never had a need for it.

    Looks like they give you FTP:

    So you could edit and upload changes that way.

    The wp-config.php file is located within the root of your website.

    Take care.

    Thank you both!

    I located the wp-config.php, copied, pasted, and updated the file to change the autosave interval with a successful file transfer and update.

    Logged out of my WordPress site, logged back in and the error still exists.

    Anything else you guys would recommend? Would site backup before updating to 3.9.1 have an effect?

    I’ve looked through the troubleshooting forums, there are others who have experienced the same issue with no resolution, though I know each site is unique. Thanks again for your help!

    Backing up shouldn’t have affected anything, no.

    Reducing the autosave interval reduces the amount of times the page pings the server to save.

    Out of interest what happens if you switch your browser, can you please test this and let me know.

    Use one you are not currently:


    Let me know how that goes.


    Across Firefox, Chrome and IE, the problem still exists.

    When I visit the site, all content is there.
    When I go to edit and/or add new post or page, the error is there, the fields “visual” and “text” to edit and post content does not become active and displays no content. If that makes sense.

    Send more cheers my way puuhhleeassee! 🙂
    Definitely appreciating the help over here!

    Hey again,


    Can you check your error_log to see if anything is output there, some kind of error like a database connection error.

    What host are you with and have you contacted them regarding matter?

    If so what have they said?

    There was some chatter about this kind of thing in previous versions:

    Not sure if the cheers is a Brit thing or not but according to Urban Dictionary it is:


    Take care.

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