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  • Our website,, shows only this “Connection Information” page, but there is no button to actually connect once we’ve entered our information.

    I’ve read that this is caused by a recent plugin update or updates, but nothing in our theme is newer than May 3rd, and we’ve already deleted anything updated more recently than late April; the problem only began today.

    Any information on this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • We’ve submitted a ticket with our web host, and they disavow any control over this or any knowledge of how it came to exist. As far as they’re concerned, it’s a problem with WP. Any other thoughts?

    That’s not a standard WordPress login page – do you have any plugins related to security? Where is your site hosted? The nameservers show your domain name as the host?

    We’re hosting using KnownHost. Our only security plugin is WordPress HTTPS, but nothing seems off security-wise when it comes to the site. All our data is still in place, and the nameservers are still pointed to the right place. Everything points to something just going a little bit haywire, from what I can tell.

    So you have your own server and nameserver settings there?

    Is that the same login screen that you’ve always had? Like I said, that’s not a WordPress login. Do you have an FTP password for your site? What happens if you enter it?

    Yes, our server and nameserver settings are correct.

    The login screen the entire website is displaying (not just our usual login page) is not something I’ve seen before in my four years of working here. We’ve tried entering the FTP password, but without any mechanism for submitting the password, nothing happens. There’s no “Proceed” button like I’ve seen on the official versions of this page.

    Can you use FTP (via an FTP client like FileZilla) to access the site files? Hopefully so – in which case, try deactivating the plugins folder – rename it something else.

    That did it! Thanks. Now to do clean installs of the plugins we need.

    Excellent, thank you very much.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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