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  • Hello everybody,

    We have a travel recommendation website ( which allows users to enter their criteria (like: “beach, party, adventure, Asia”) and based on that recommends the most suitable travel destinations.

    We would like to offer our search as a WordPress widget as can be seen on our blog here:

    The search back end is built in Drupal. In order to be able to execute the Drupal calls we have to initiate Drupal like this:

    function setup($drupal_root) {
    //set the working directory to Drupal root

    //require the bootstrap include
    require_once ‘./includes/’;

    //Load Drupal

    The chdir command obviously works on our server because we are hosting blog and system on the same physical machine. However, third parties will obviously not be able to use chdir like that. Does anybody know how to include Drupal so that we can access the corresponding calls to offer this widget to other blogs as well?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,

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