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    I’m trying to connect to our business Paypal account (currently used to accept paypal payments flawlessly using “Paypal Standard”.
    Since this plugin is so hinky I’m in a test server and so far Sandbox credentials using manual input have failed utterly producing “DOM modified” errors, Syntax Malformed errors, CORB errors, Connection Refused loading buttons errors and many more seemingly random.

    So – I figured the sandbox API might not have caught up with Pay Later (whole reason I’m going through hell with this) in Australia yet, so….

    – I’m trying to connect using the wizard button “Connect to Paypal” in the plugin settings page.
    – I am now trying to connect to our live business account.
    The Paypal/Woo popup comes up, I type email of account and choose Country (Australia).
    I login to our Paypal business account on next pane.
    I then see “Allow PayPal to connect your account with WooCommerce Developers” with an “Agree and Connect” button.
    Here’s where it gets very concerning:
    Next panel says “You’ll need to revise your current business account to accept payments”
    I have the option to use existing account or create a new one.
    I obviously want to use our existing account, so I select that and continue
    Next pane disturbingly says: “Complete your Business Details” and tells me to enter a trading name and the button says: “Agree and Convert Account”.
    Ok so
    a) convert to what? I currently have this account accepting payments from a live site and will not CONVERT anything to anything without it being clear. and
    b) this is a business account with full trading name, configured and using API synced to woocommerce and accepting payments FOR 10 YEARS!!!
    when i search google for: woocommerce paypal payments “agree and convert account” there are literally no results in the entire world including Paypal help or woocommerce help.

    My support submission about this plugins failings via the woocommerce via the “Inpsyde” support has been met with ZERO response other than the autoresponder.

    It appears Woocommerce may not be an option for those looking at integration with Pay in 4 in Australia?

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  • Plugin Support Joost van de Vijver


    Hello @wilksgrendai

    sorry to hear about your issue with our product, but we are here to help.
    Concerning the case with the pay later option in Australia: there is a guide for this situation from PayPal that you can find here:
    The is a common issue where you cannot use vaulting for accounts in Australia, so this could cause issues when you require re-occurrent payments (subscriptions). Please check the document for PayPal‘s response on this.

    Concerning the “conversion” of your Paypal account. The old PayPal standard plugin does not use advanced features that our plugin does use. In order to use these advanced features, the merchants need to accept the terms for the APMs and Virtual Card Terminal, which most likely never showed up on the standard plugin.

    It will always ask you to convert your account to a business account if it isn’t one yet. This needs to happen once with every account, be it a newly created (or first time PayPal Payments connection) regular merchant account or a newly created sandbox account.
    More details on the conversion can be found here:

    Let me know if this answers your questions.

    Please also let me know where you opened a ticket with Inpsyde (that you did not get any response to) since we are a small team and reply to every request within a reasonable time (depending on the daily/weekly workload).

    Kind regards,

    We are having the same issue as @wilksgrendai as it relates to the “Connect to Paypal” issue. The paypal account we are trying to tie to IS already a business account. We don’t want any changes made to the Paypal account – just to connect this to Woo since the old plugin is obsolete. Please advise how to fix this.

    Plugin Support Joost van de Vijver


    Hello @tinkergraphics

    I understand how you feel about this, but this is not so much about changing the account. The new plugin simply includes some new functionality that requires the user to accept some additional terms and agreements. These should be accepted via the wizard connect option in our plugin. If that does work you can also reach out to PayPal MTS to review the account and help you get this resolved.

    If you don’t want to do any of this, you can also connect to your account via the manual connect option that is also provided in our plugin. This will however not provide you with any advanced options in our plugin and is known to cause more problems than when you connect using the connect wizard.

    Hopefully, this answers your questions. Let me know if you have any more.

    Kind regards,

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