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  • ameyers624



    I’d like to apologize if this has been answered before. I attempted to search for similar behavior, but the search feature is not yielding any results. I also skimmed 6 pages of recent threads and not found a match.

    We are currently using WordPress 5.6
    We are using 3CX Live Chat 9.2.1

    Our organization has two chat agents. They have reported that in their “Live Chat” screen, they periodically get “disconnected” and are presented with a message saying “Connecting to chat server.” This hang will occur for several minutes. Sometimes refreshing the page corrects it, sometimes we need to navigate to another page and return.

    We attempted trying different web browsers. IE, Edge and Chrome. We currently have them using Chrome.

    I’ve attempted to see if there were JavaScript errors, but it doesn’t appear so, but I’ll admit, web codes aren’t my strong suit.

    Can anyone provide any advice or suggestion on how to troubleshoot/correct?

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  • adisin86


    Hey! Did this issue ever get resolved? I have also been having the same problem for a while now. I have been going through multiple threads and can’t seem to find this issue address anywhere except here.

    I don’t have any caching plugins and everything has been updated to the latest version. I have uninstalled & reinstalled. Tried different browsers. I never used to have this issue before (come from an older version) and have not changed themes or added new plugins.

    I’d also appreciate any advice or suggestion on how to troubleshoot/correct?

    I am having same issue and now it’s coming over the top of anything I do in wordpress I click any plugin and shortly after the page is changed and live chat page comes up with the connecting to server and I lose page I was working on this is very frustrating please help it happened only over night. I cleared all cache, logged in again and issue keeps persisting.

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