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  • Hi All,

    I’ve built a website today using which I installed locally onto MAMP on my mac. I’ve got the website to a point where I want to host it so I’ve brought some hosting and a domain on GoDaddy.

    The problem I have now is working out how to get my locally hosted WordPress Website to be hosted on my domain I brought with GoDaddy.

    I think I’ve managed to connect the domain and the hosting but I now need to get the website linked with the hosting & domain.

    I’ve tried using the WordPress application on the GoDaddy C Panel but that hasn’t helped as I’ve just been left with a standard WordPress theme – not the one I’ve brought and used for my site (the locally hosted one)

    I’ve watched lots of videos and scoured the forums here for what to do but nothing seems to help. The Godaddy tech support guy didn’t really know either and I don’t think I’ve done anything drastically wrong.

    Please can someone explain how I can do this.

    Thank you very much


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  • J M


    Assuming your domain and hosting ARE connected, you’ve not much more left to do. You’ve done nothing wrong so far!
    What you need to do is upload your theme to your hosting. You said you installed WordPress via your CPanel. That’s a start. Find out how you can get FTP access to your hosting – this will be essential.
    Once you’ve worked this out, connect to your site via FTP. You’ll see a wordpress install consisting of wp-admin, wp-includes and wp-content, with a bunch of other files in the current directory.
    The basic steps are these:
    1) Upload wp-content from your MAMP to your live site (overwriting wp-content).
    2) If you have content you will need to import your database via your CPanel. If you don’t have content, you’ll need to create a new database via CPanel, and provide wp-config the details of this. (wp-config is in your site’s main directory). Your host should help you with this.
    3) In the event you created a new database, you’ll have to set up your theme again by visiting its settings in admin. If you imported your database from your local install following the instructions linked in step 2, you should find your site exactly as in your teting environment.

    Good luck with this. Make a backup of wp-content and mysql databases before you start playing. You may get a bit stuck in places, let me know here, and I’ll try to help you as best I can.

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I’m in C Panel at the moment and I’m trying to do step one:

    1) Upload wp-content from your MAMP to your live site (overwriting wp-content).

    Am I looking for the .php file or the actual folder called wp-content? I can only see the file with wp-config.php and no other wp-content.php file.

    I’m looking in MAMP- ht Docs – My Site – WordPress

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot @hiphopinenglish

    There is no wp-content.php file, wp-content is a folder containing your site’s themes, plugins, uploaded media …

    Thanks but in the wp-content folder what do I upload via the FTP in the C Panel in Godaddy?

    You need to review Moving_WordPress. This is a lot more complex than uploading some files.

    J M


    You need to upload the entire contents of the wp-content folder to your FTP server.

    But the wp-content file is full of sub files such as ‘upload’, ‘theme’ etc and I can’t upload them, I have to upload the files in them.

    Are you saying I have to find all the files within the subfiles and upload them one by one?

    If so do I just upload the theme file of the one I’m using (the one I paid for on Themeforest) or all of them?

    Thanks for your help

    You can also use an ftp client like FileZilla that supports folder upload so it’s just a click and drag and then wait process.

    I have Cyber duck. I’ve looked up how to upload files to the server but how do I connect that to the Godaddy hosting and domain?

    In such cases, google is your fastest answering friend, just query search engines for the info that you need like:
    godaddy ftp settings (some of them have search hints that will also help!)
    and the first result is:
    which ghives you info about where to get the credentials needed to connect to godaddy

    and searching for “cyberduck connect to website” will bring the first result:

    which will teach you where to put the auth info (that you obtained following 1st link)

    If you get other issues, let us know.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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