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  • Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi Greg,

    Are your posts publicly visible?

    I’m having this same problem. Everything is right in the settings but I’m getting an error on my page that says

    No recent Facebook status updates to show.

    Admins only notice: Did you configure the plugin properly?

    I am also getting the same message. I have configured this plugin accordingly and nothing. “No recent Facebook status updates to show” “Admins only notice: Did you configure the plugin property? What GIVES?

    I’ve checked everything and I can’t find anything that isn’t set right. Has anyone figured this out yet?

    Ditto. After a fairly painful install due to incomplete and fairly opaque setup instructions (had to create the cache directory, and the facebook API setup instructions are awful), this thing simply doesn’t work.

    I have the same problem described by the above two users.

    I am running WordPress 3.5, perhaps this plugin simply doesn’t work anymore.

    OK, finally beat it and got it working.

    Where it asks for: “Facebook user id, page id or slug”

    Put in the number you see in facebook when you navigate to the page you are trying to feed on.

    For example, in my case, it was:

    That number at the end was what I needed (even though the plug in claimed to be working with other names / ID’s for the facebook page). Maybe this is quirky because it is a community page, who knows.

    Also, you had to do the rest right (create the cache directory and set up the app ID).

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi Bill,

    I’m glad you got it to work. I’ll look into simplifying the installation instructions, but it’s hard to do for me as a developer.

    For the others, try what Bill said and fill in your Facebook Page ID instead of the slug. This site can help you with finding your FB ID.


    First of all, thanks for your plugin ! Very helpful and promising !
    I just installed the plugin and I found that only a few of FB recents posts are shown.
    In fact, just those that are published directly by the page’s owner.
    If the owner just relayed the post, the plugin doesn’t show it.
    Is it related to the thread of this topic ?

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hi meidosem,

    Been breaking my head why certain posts are skipped by the Facebook API but your conclusion sounds very reasonable. Do you have an example URL of a Facebook page with posts from multiple owners so I can run some tests on it?



    Hey there,

    just don’t get it. Created facebook app, configured the plugin and connected successfully. But there are no posts displayed. I checked the visibility of my fb-posts – public.

    What is it, that BillKilgallon ment by “created cache directory”? Might this be my solution? Argh, really would like to use this great app …

    Thanks in advance!


    any suggestions upon my question from above?


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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