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    Looks interesting. I’ll consider it.

    0. ContactUs or Zapier don’t send all the data we want to Pipedrive. Happily, we can send in deals using directly Contact Form 7.

    1. Go in Pipedrive -> click on your profile -> Settings -> Functions -> Email API –> Switch to Yes to Enable it.

    (I’m using the French version, so maybe, I’m not 100% right with the wording)

    2. Add a form to CF7. In this contact form, send the first email with “human text” for example to your sales representative. And send the second email to your Email API address (shown in your Settings -> Email API (when enabled).
    It has to be sent in plain text format with JSON code –>

    Here is just an example of what you can do:

    [ Moderator note: code fixed. Please wrap code in the backtick character or use the code button. ]

        "item_type": "deal", < Defines the import type. This can be deal, person, or organization
        "stage_id": "11", < Optional. Defines what stage in what pipeline you're importing a deal.
        "title": "[your-organization]: first contact deal", < Defines the title of the imported deal
        "organization": "[your-organization]", < Links deal and person to an organization
        "value": "", < Defines the number of currency units with the deal
        "currency": "EUR", < Defines the currency being used. So in this example it's $110
        "owner": "", < Who in your company owns the deal
        "visible_to": "0", < Who sees the deal. 0 is everyone, 1 is owner, 2 is followers only
        "person": { < This is just making sure the info to follow, is attached to the contact
            "name": "[your-name]", < Name of the Person
            "email": "[your-email]", < Defines the email of the Person
            "organization": "[your-organization]", < Defines the Organization to link to the Person
            "phone": "[tel-430]" < Defines the phone number of the Person

    3. Test it. You have to wait 5 minutes, so don’t be stressed. You’ll see it in your logs tab inside Email API tab, and if there is no error, in the Deals tab.

    4. You could simultaneously use Contact Form 7, and Pipedrive.

    Hi, i am also trying to integrate my wp contact form 7 with pipedrive so that some one filled the form that will auto submit to pipedrive and new deal or lead appear on dashboard pipedrive.
    in my contact form 7
    i have put in field “TO”
    [your-name] <[your-email]>

    Need Consultation

    and in
    Message body:
    “item_type”: “deal”,
    “stage_id”: “1”,
    “title”: “[your-name]: first contact deal”,
    “organization”: “need inquiry new person”,
    “value”: “0”,
    “currency”: “AED”,
    “owner”: “”,
    “visible_to”: “1”,
    “person”: {
    “name”: “[your-name]”,
    “email”: “[your-email]”,
    “organization”: “need inquiry new person”,
    “phone”: “[tel-611]”

    BUT BUT…. after submitting form 2 times ,,, NO deal NO lead generated in my pipedrive dashboard of my login

    kindly help me in this task, i have found only this forum where it has discussion about this matter of contact form7 and pipedrive integration.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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