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    I thought it couldn’t be done, here you are. It’s truly remarkable how you’ve managed to turn a simple analytics tool into a marketing Monster.

    I’ve counted 55 “Upgrade to Pro” banners on this plugin. The only menu I couldn’t find an “Upgrade to Pro” banner was under the new “user feedback” menu. I don’t know, an intern probably created that because it just seems out of place. Or did the CTRL+V buttons break down?

    This plugin feels like it desperately wants to win the #SpotTheContentChallenge. Do I really have to navigate through 50 bad attempts to give you money just to see my page views? And the thing is, the banners overshadow every other damn element there. Maybe the banner sizes and amount are the reason it’s called “Monster” Insights.

    Every time I open my dashboard, or the little menu at the top bar, there you are, begging me to upgrade. Heck, there’s even one in the floating action button!

    Your core values include fluff like “Passion,” “Product,” and “People First.” C’mon man, just scrap all that jargon and replace them with “To make a quick buck.”

    I’ll never buy this plugin even if you made those banners 200, with auto-playing video and full screen. I’d never buy it even if Mr. Beast gifted me a credit card with $1,000,000 to use all in WordPress plugins in 1 hour and this was the only plugin in the store.

    Don’t be like my clingy ex, take the hint man, and give me the option to remove those ads from the UI, forever.

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  • Plugin Support Michelle D.


    Hi @whydoineedthis,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

    I’m really sorry about the frustration with the notifications. It’s not our intent to cause clutter. We try to provide as much value as possible to our users by communicating the Pro version features because a lot of users aren’t aware of them and can benefit greatly.

    That being said, with our Lite (free) version, you’re able to track and view critical site statistics (such as page views in the last 30 days, top posts and pages, etc) and automatically track custom events such as telephone and email click tracking, affiliate and outbound link tracking.

    We really appreciate you for giving us a try and if you have any suggestions for the things you’d like to see in the Lite version, please let me know and I’d be happy to share your feedback with the team.

    Thank you.

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