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    I apologize for posting a redundant topic (I have looked at numerous posts on moving a site here), but I’m seeing two different references that people point to as the answer and I need to know which procedure is the right one.

    Presently, I have a subdirectory install, and soon, I will need to move the site to the root ( to In searching the forum on this topic, I see some people referring to these instructions: Your Existing Server section)

    and others I see pointing to this: (Using a Pre-Existing Subdirectory Install section)

    The FORMER seems to be the correct procedure, because in Step 10, it talks about a search & replace plugin to change all permalink paths from to, whereas the latter does not instruct me to do this. Can anyone please confirm which one of these procedures to use.

    Thank you,


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    The latter works perfectly & is far easier to carry out.


    Referring to the latter, Step 6:

    Change the following and save the file. Change the line that says:
    to the following, using your directory name for the WordPress core files:

    this is the opposite of what I want to do (again, I’m moving TO the root, FROM a /wordpress/ subdirectory…does it work the same in reverse? My big concern is breaking all the (hundreds) of links that presently point to …/wordpress/whatever (images, pdfs, posts, etc). – thanks.



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    does it work the same in reverse?

    Yes. Just see this section instead.

    Thank you. : )

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