• Hello all,

    I have a quick question regarding having another blog here. Right now I am playing to host my blog design business on my wordpress blog. I have not created much on it besides just practicing (I am blogger designer now but want to get into WordPress). My question is I need to have another blog (WordPress) where I can load someone’s one blog so they can see what it will look like before I load it on their blog. I have a hosting site (Host Gator) and I understand how to change themes but I do not want to change the theme on my business blog everytime I need to show someone what their blog would look like. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to have another blog but not have to pay for another domain name. Is there a way to do it?

    Thanks for the help.


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  • Angie,

    I recommend setting up a subdomain for your site and installing a separate blog to run off that subdomain. HostGator should support that for you fairly easily.

    For example, my portfolio is hosted at http://eamann.com but I have a testing site set up at http://ptest.eamann.com. They’re both running on their own separate installations of WordPress, but I only have one web host and one domain name. This way I can test different plug-ins, development tools, and themes on a live site without changing my own site.

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