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  • I am *not* looking forward to the day this launches with the core and get 100 phone calls from all the clients of WordPress websites I’ve built in the last 10 years, wondering why their website is suddenly broken.

    The implementation in the backend is also a drag – instead of putting in as something in the functions.php file, like every other feature, we have to start learning and writing React – something I’ve been vehemently against, while still writing PHP *for every other single part of WordPress*.

    The front-end UI of Gutenberg is confusing as well – options are hidden and hard to find. You have to basically scroll around to figure out where your toolbar is (which is something we learned NOT to do back in 90’s), and good luck figuring out what every icon is, especially when plugin authors start adding their own.

    I wish Automattic would actually listen to what users and developers want out of WordPress. This is not it.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Thanks for taking time to leave a review @tokkilee. I want to ask is there anything you feel in Gutenberg that you do wish was in the classic editor? For example, anything you find does make sense?

    It is worth noting that whilst there are people contributed full time from Automattic to the project, there are also a lot of people working on it not from Automattic. The Gutenberg project is a community one, not specific to any company. This is an important point as so many good people are doing great contributions just like with core.

    @karmatosed Either these concerns will be addressed or they won’t. It’s clear from the comments coming from the Gutenberg team that they believe that their vision supersedes the conventions that the WordPress community has followed for years. This lipstick on a pig PR campaign is irritating. We just don’t want you to destroy our client’s websites and the relationships we’ve built with them.

    Thank you for your insight, @dedering What particular part of Gutenberg caused a hickup at your client’s websites? The reason, I am asking is that the development team has spent considerable time to make sure the new editor does not cause websites disruptions. Shining a light on issues that you and your clients encountered would be very, very helpful. And if you could log issues on the Github repository for the development team that would be awesome! If you have questions, you can also connect with the developers on the WordPress Slack channel #core-editor

    Here is the current state of the plugin:

    • Themes should work unless they are built with 3rd party page builders.
    • Most of those page builders have worked out a way to co-exist with Gutenberg.
    • Right now, custom post types are not touched unless the plugins specifically integrate with Gutenberg.
    • Advanced custom fields have a solution to work with Gutenberg.
    • Meta-Boxes in general work. If they don’t for you, that would be a great area to connect with the developers

    If you haven’t tried Gutenberg on staging environment with your clients’ site, you might start looking at it sooner rather than later.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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