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  • Olivier


    We always build our site making sure we do not use a page builder / complex content editor because it is not realistic to think regular editors (clients without page building knowledge) will be able to manage their content with ease.
    Gutenberg does just the opposite and now forces itself within the management. Even with the classic editor you can be certain some users will end using Gutenberg since the option is there and the result is likely to be elements all over the place, followed by support calls to us.
    This should NOT be mandatory and be left as a stand alone plugin.

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  • Gutenberg is not a page editor (yet). The first phase is to manage content and it is a rewrite of the editor.

    May I ask what you mean by the result is likely to be elements all over the place?



    Yes, when dealing with clients we normally separate the content areas (mostly using advanced custom fields) so they can change the text / images etc but are not able to add HTML elements.
    With Gutenberg they can add elements which I fear they will not understand and may not work in all devices as the designer originally intended, for instance, we could add an image gallery in an area intended for text elements etc.
    I also fear this will lead to users being able to create columns etc in future releases which is likely to lead to completely unexpected results.
    I understand some people may like such tool but I read (if I understand it well) that by 2021 the classic editor will be removed, I just feel it will force us to use block editors which in my opinion just don’t suit everyone.

    I think by in large this is thinking of designers that want a system that will create the HTML for them but some of us want to keep control over this.
    I also think this is not thinking about the end users. We may put the sites together as designers / developers but at the end of the day the users are the site owners, most of which are busy with other things and only make content changes occasionally, i just think it should be kept as simple as possible. Gutenberg will require learning for everyone and it just seems too much for basic users.

    When we complete a site we train customers on WP, I know for a fact that many would just find Gutenberg over complicated.
    For the time being, I have found out how to disable it in the settings but I think the idea of removing the classic editor at some future stage needs a serious rethink.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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