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  • Hey

    The logic is confusing.
    All Updates – on
    All Plugin Updates – on.
    Automatic Plugin Updates – Enabled
    Plugin Updates – I then select each plugin I want to have updated.
    There are too many options.

    The Panels seem to very much overlap each other. Making it somewhat confusing.
    It might be more natural to create an accordion and if/or.

    It should be setup much easier:
    All Updates. – If this is on then everything is updated. No need for any other panels.

    If off then show
    WordPress Core Updates – Click an accordion with it to give Core Update options.
    Major Releases – yes/no
    Minor Releases – yes/no
    Devlopment Updates – yes/no
    Translations Updates – yes/no

    All Plugin Updates – yes/no. If yes then all the plugins are updated.
    If no then a list of plugins should be seen where the user can check for which plugins to have automatic updated.

    All Theme Updates – yes/no. If yes then all the themes are updated.
    If no then a list of themes are seen to where the user can check which themes to have updated automatically.

    At the moment I am not sure if a plugin will automatically be updated even though I turned off the automatic update on the individual level. As I have turned on so many other toggles along the way before getting to the individual plugin.

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  • Plugin Contributor Matthew


    Hi @paaljoachim

    We understand that this is very confusing and we are working on ways to redesign and simplify the settings interface to make is easier to understand. We are currently collecting data through anonymous tracking to help us understand what settings to prioritize and how everything should be laid-out.

    Since the plugin is free, it can take a while for us to find the time around work and travel to get to these things. Hopefully we can get around to it soon.

    As for what you can do to understand it better right now. Have you had a look at our YouTube videos and wiki?


    Plugin Contributor Ronald Huereca


    I agree with you 100% @paaljoachim. We’d need some design help, and since the Dashboard is using React, we’ll now have to wait to see what Core’s decision is on a new framework.

    Hey Matthew

    Thanks for the feedback! No I did not know about the additional documentation. Thanks for the headsup!

    Heya Ron..:)

    I am looking into finding the wireframes made for Shiny Auto Updates that have not been implemented (yet). As it can be a good start point in improving the design of Easy Updates Manager when Core has decided on what the new framework will become.

    Have a great day!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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