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    When I have a page tree structure and select to apply settings to all children, I would expect that I should not be able to override those in the child settings page unless I choose to do so.
    In other words, the plugin needs an “Inherit” or “Override” checkboxes and functionality.
    As it is, it is extremely confusing. I see one thing when navigating to a child page, though the page inherited stuff from somewhere else.

    I had to disable all custom post setting checkboxes from the PO general settings, create separate permalinks for posts, just to be able to separate them properly using an url inheritance. This however did not save me the trouble on the home page and other pages that have common base uris. Hence the issue where don’t know what is the actual resultant on a specific page just by looking at it in the backend.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    The problem is that you are looking at it wrong. There is no inheritance. It looks for one set of plugins to load. Lets say you have a page with the url When you land on that page the plugin first queries for posts with the PO_permalink field set to If it does not get a result it looks for If that does not get a result it looks for It uses the first result it finds. So if you have disabled a plugin on a child page it will never see the settings on the parent.

    I don’t think I misunderstood. See why it is confusing then?
    When I go to, set something there and also chose to apply to all children, are you saying that nothing will be applied to children? It will first look for something that is in a child?

    So if you have disabled a plugin on a child page it will never see the settings on the parent.

    Am I understanding right? If i disable a plugin in a child page, the parent should not be affected. The parent should always set every child with it’s default and then the child can be overridden.
    Now if I got everything right, then there is a bug, because when I change a set in a parent page and chose to apply to all children, children remain as per global settings.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    Yes it first looks at the exact url you are accessing. Then it looks at the next step up in the directory structure and continues until it finds something. So if you have a plugin disabled on a child page then the parent setting will never be seen. This is not the same as a parent/child relationship in wordpress.

    Ok, so the actual issue is that it is not automatically determining which of the pages are children.
    If this is by design, then the setting to “Also Affect Children” on the page it self (Not the custom filters) is trivial and does not matter (because the feature also gets the global settings to all pages so those will be applied first if accessing a child). Am I correct?

    Oh, Oh… Oh.
    I think I finally get it. So the message:

    NOTE: By checking this box the plugins disabled or enabled for this page will be used for its children if they have nothing set.
    Also Affect Children

    Should actually be something like:

    If this is a dynamic page, check this if you want the settings to apply for all its URI base children. Trivial for static pages.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    Yes I guess I should reword that.

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