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  • Resolved richard


    Hello, this looks like a great plugin – i have started on the staging area now.

    But im just not entirely sure what i can get from the free version? In the Stage one, ive changed to a new theme; ive made changes there. Because its a different theme, ive started editing Pages and posts.

    I havent mae any new plugins, just a brand new theme.

    So when i go into the “update” link, can it import the new theme, pages, posts (and images, etc)? Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hi Richard

    Take care if you are using the update function. It will overwrite all selected data on the live site.

    It’s not a merging tool function so it can not import new posts only.

    Thanks you rene.

    So the “Update”, what will it do please exactly? It will over right Plugins and a Theme – but not Posts, or Pages? So ive got a few pages in the “stage” version right now im trying to just edit (not brand new pages, and a new menu) – what happens to them for the Update”? The “Update” would not over ride pages or the Menu etc?

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    If you do not want to overwrite posts and pages you can exclude the tables wp_posts and wp_postmeta. Then those tables will be skipped while updating the staging site.

    It all depends on you, what data you select before updating the staging site.

    I recommend to read the following articles to get a better understanding about the wordpress data structure and where things are stored:

    Honestly said, if you are not 100% certain which table you need to exclude before starting the update process it’s better to do not use the update function or at least to do a full backup of the staging site first. (Full backup is recommended in any case)

    Thank you Rene.

    But basically – i havent paid for the pro yet, just the free one. Ive done a bit of work in the “Stage”; new theme, edited the function of the theme layout, the odd edit for pages, menu etc.

    Now im in the “stage” – can i then use it at all, and go back to the original website? Is there no way to do so please? It has to be the total Pro version?

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hello Richard,

    > Now im in the “stage” – can i then use it at all, and go back to the original website?

    If you want to copy the changes to the live site you either need to do the same steps on the live site or you need to follow the migration guide here:

    It also describes how to copy over the changes without using the pro version.

    Hi Rene, ahh yes, i assumed the video and the page were the same information below, but the video is just for pro info. I have tested it, little bit tricky but did it – just one thing, when copying from FTP, which folders should we use; the entire lot? :



    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    The complete folder wp-content.


    I have developed a test site using WP Staging free version. If I purchase the Pro version, will it use the test site I already developed or wipe it out?

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hello @livcoit

    It can use the test site.

    Please send me all pro related questions to support [at]

    This forum is for WP Staging free version questions only. I am not allowed to give any dedicated pro support here. (WordPress terms)


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