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  • I noticed alot of weblogs have there own images on the side bar, and a custom image for a title ect. I cannot find a index.html? Am I supposed to edit the index.php to add content and edit the .css file for my layout? I think I am understanding this.

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  • Yes, exactly. Just make sure you make a back-up of both files, then dive right in.

    Ok good, glad this is sinking in, how can I view what I have done without uploading it? I have dreamweaver but it only shows code not the finished product and how it would look uploaded?
    Thanks again

    Save your new CSS file with a different name to wp-layout.css
    Clone or back up original index.php and rename it to index2.php for example. Edit index2.php and search this:
    <style type=”text/css” media=”screen”>
    @import url( <?php echo get_settings(‘siteurl’); ?>/wp-layout.css );
    change wp-layout.css for your new style name and load it whit
    That’s all

    Oh sweet very good stuff and advice people, I did what you said and it was alot easier then it looked. Now I just have to play with the code and get it to have my look.
    kudo’s to you all that help the nubes :).

    How do I change the colors on the templates and what codes do they use?
    Thanks much
    John Hansen
    major AT planetkc DOT com
    [Edit: Email address munged]

    @john H.
    The whole idea of a forum is to post answers here not in email, so that others can also benefit of the solutions offered by knowleadgeable WP-users 🙂
    OK, I do not consider myself to be in the above category, however I know that the template colors can be changed in the CSS file (obviously using css “code”). Actually you can change everything, the whole layout of your page, as so many WP users did.

    I would like to be able to have people choose different templates on my blog (possibly using cookies, or possibly built into the profile in the mysql database)
    It would contain a drop-down box at the bottom of the page that lists the templates offered. Each template is represented by a different css file. My point tho is that would it be possible to have php choose which css file to use based on the user’s preference. The user should be able to change to another template at any time they wish (on any page they wish). If there is a hack/system already made for this please let me know. If there’s a simple solution (like just creating index2.php and index.php, each using different stylesheets @import url( stylesheet.css );

    look for Style Switcher on this page
    or better download the the WP 1.2 Plugged in – that’s a simple solution 🙂

    Thanks for bringing up this subject and for the helpful replies. I’m learning a lot here…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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