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  • I run a news aggregator site that obtains content from 9 different feeds. I am trying to use supercache to make everything load faster and etc. but sometimes WP Super Cache doesn’t refresh or update the caches according to my settings.

    A screenshot of my settings:

    I have also set cache timeout to 60 seconds and scheduler timer to 90 seconds. I have tried changing this settings to 3600 & 3600 since my feeds actually update every hour, but for some odd reason the caches would not update or refresh for more than sometimes 5 hours. There are times where I have manually delete the caches for the site to actually start showing the latest news, which can get frustrating when I am in an area with no internet.

    Also, I used to have preload mode on but this made it even worse, sometimes it would not cache for the entire day. Hopefully someone can explain why.


    My other question is that I have another site that operates similar to where users can share images from other sites and etc. so there’s quite alot of new content being generated by the users that use the site. I was wondering what kind of WP Super Cache settings I could use to make it actually work for this kind of site – I am worried because it has not been working very well for the site that i have talked about above.

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