• This plugin appears fairly straight forward until you read the message under “Disable Sizes.” I’ve deselected the four sizes I want to be generated when I upload a new image and selected 15 thumbnails I do not want generated.

    But, it tells me that 15 will in fact be generated and 4 will not. Just below that, it says the opposite. It says 15 thumbnails disabled and 4 thumbnails will be generated (which is what I want).

    Aside from the conflicting message atop – under the “enable” column shouldn’t that have a check mark for only the ones you want generated? Otherwise, shouldn’t it read “disabled” if its purpose is the opposite?

    This appears to be a very useful plugin and I’ll have to test it out to see what happens but I’m just laying it out there that you’re making it more difficult than what’s really necessary by having conflicting messaging on its use.

    Maybe I’m missing something.

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