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  • Hi.

    I’m a bit confused about how the search functionality works. If I place the search box in the sidebar, and visit the blog section of the site, it works perfectly for searches carried out, but only returns items that are in the blog or portfolio sections.

    However, if I place the same search box in the footer of an “about us” page, it doesnt show any results. Its almost like it doesnt want to search outside of that section.

    So how can the same search work on one part of the website, and not on another?

    I’ve tried the “search everything” plugin, but its the same problem.

    To make it a bit clearer, lets consider the following

    If i’m on my blog page, the URL is wp/category/blog/

    If I search on my blog page for the term “bullen” the URL is wp/category/blog/?s=bullen&submit=

    This returns successful results.

    However, the local information page at the URL wp/local-information/

    When I search here for the same term “bullen” no results are displayed and the URL is wp/local-information/?s=bullen&submit

    Why is this? Its almost like its trying to search only in one place, rather than the entire site.

    Yet the same search on the home page is also successful at wp/?s=bullen&submit=



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