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  • I’ve received some great help from WordPress Support, but there are also been times when my questions seem to be ignored. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I know this is an all volunteer group and I appreciate that you are here to help. But I have some questions:

    When no one offers support for my question, does that mean that no one knows the answer, or that I am doing something wrong?

    If I don’t get a response after a day or so, should I send my question through again? Or should I just drop it and try to find help elsewhere?

    Would it be better to find a php or css group for questions about templates and positioning of WordPress or is WordPress so specialized they would probably send me back here anyway? (Sorry I don’t know much about php except what I’ve learned using WordPress.)

    I read somewhere that bumping is frowned on here, but I don’t know what bumping is. What is it?

    Just trying to better understand how support works. Thanks to everyone who volunteers their time to help.

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  • If you haven’t received a response to a perfectly logical wordpress related question within 24 hours, it’s acceptible to “bump” it. “Bumping” is simply posting again yourself in the thread, so that it returns to the “head of the queue”.

    The reason bumping sometimes gets a nasty response is that some people don’t possess any patience, and bump within a few minutes or maybe an hour. Sometimes the people with the answers are a day or so down the road reading the “unanswered” posts, and if you artificially answer your own by bumping, they may not see it at all.

    Sometimes user-groups can help with (especially!) css. Php is likely to get you sent back here for help so it’s best to just inquire here to start. Most likely your unanswered questions are the sort for which no one has a ready answer…. I haven’t noticed you in particular doing anything “wrong” as to what you’re posting.


    It is a bit hard to find out what it means.
    Webopedia didn’t know. However googling for “bumping netiquette”, I got an explanation at

    To bump a thread on an internet discussion forum is to post a reply in order to raise the thread’s profile by returning it to the top of the list of active threads. Typically, a thread may be bumped after it has received no replies in several days, or when other (and for the bumper less significant) threads have knocked it off the front page. Thread bumping is commonly considered a breach of netiquette and some moderated forums forbid it. Users may get around that by making a trivial reply rather than just the word “bump.”

    So, now we know 😉

    Oh, my!
    It’s already there.

    LOL, petit. I write a post asking about unanswered questions, now I’m getting answers quicker than you can respond. Not to worry, your response added a lot, and as you said, now we know. Thanks for looking it up!

    I appreciated Vikryl’s response also. Clarified several questions I’ve had. Am glad I’m not doing wrong, but if I was I wanted to know.

    One more question. If ok to resend the question after a day or two, is it best to start another thread so doesn’t look like it has already been answered, or is it bad mannered to send similar question with new subject?

    Well, truthfully, I think for the first “bump” most of us would prefer you just repost in the same thread, saying something like “Guess no one has any ideas, hmmm?” or similar.

    Then if it’s apparently a knotty thorny and you still don’t get any response, in a couple of days you’d probably want to start a new thread, perhaps restating the problem, and try a fresh approach with the title.

    Sounds great, and very helpful, vkaryl. thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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