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  • I’m confused about logging in to wordpress. I’m told I need to access my account at in order to find my API, to be able to use a plugin. But my logon doesn’t seem to work at the .com site. It works at, but that doesn’t seem to have a ‘my account’ button, unless I’m missing it. Are the two sites separate/different things, then?
    I’ve tried creating a new account at .com, but get told the user name already exists, which suggests it recognizes my user name (unless someone else has the same one there). But the password that works at .org doesn’t work there (I’ve reset the .org one a couple of times while trying all this). And if I request a new password in the .com login section, it doesn’t come to my email address.
    Bottom line is, I can’t seem to access the API, so can’t use the plugin.
    None of this affects me logging in to my site itself (which has a different username, via the web host).
    Any help appreciated.

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  • Hmm.. have you tried creating a new email address and then creating account/blog in once you have the address, e.g:, the login should be:

    Almost similar to blog.

    Thing is, if I do create a new account in .com, will any API I get for that actually be the same one I need for the account I have in .org? I’m confused about the relationship between the two.



    Have come back to this problem, which I’ve not managed to resolve, after some time. Anyone have any suggestions. I don’t want to follow Kim09’s suggestion of creating a new account…

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