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  • I’m using a 3rd party theme with WooCommerce at I have a couple of questions about making this theme work with WooCommerce.

    First, I see the information provided here, but I’m not following exactly what the hooks sample is showing. How do I know what section ID to use? My theme has a div with ID “contentarea” but I tried that and it didn’t work. I’m not sure what else I would be using there..??

    As such, I went ahead and tried the catch-all option and that seems to work for the most part, but I have a couple of issues I need to get adjusted.

    For example, as it stands now, when I view the store page on that site it’s formatted a lot better than it was before, and when I click Add to Cart I see the little purple check mark and the View Cart link, but the View Cart link is under the check mark instead of fitting nicely beside it.

    If I use Firebug to adjust the CSS I see that I can add some margin to the View Cart link code directly so that it will move out to the right of the check mark and look a lot nicer. I’m a little unsure of what to put in my style.css to make this adjustment, though..??

    Also, on the cart page (after you’ave added some items to the cart) it’s adding a bunch of paragraph HTML tags above the cart display causing it to get pushed quite a ways down on the page instead of fitting nicely at the top of the content area. Not sure why that’s happening either..??

    Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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