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    I am confused about how a taggable relationship field is supposed to work. I am creating an index of publications listing various articles, many of which have the same authors. So I wanted to create an author field that I could select from as needed, but also add to whenever there is a new author.

    I set this up as “Simple (Custom Defined List)” with additional field options:
    Selection Type: Multiple Select
    Format: Autocomplete
    Taggable: checked

    However, when I am entering a new post and enter a new name into the author field, although the name will display in the field after I enter it, it is not saved.

    I finally gave up. It seems the only way I can get authors to display properly is by manually editing the pod to enter them in the Custom Defined Options field.

    But I am not sure whether there is something wrong in the way I have configured things; or a bug; or if this is expected behavior. So I would appreciate some clarification.

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  • Plugin Author Jim True


    Simple Custom Defined List really shouldn’t work with Taggable, since you’re setting the Field/Value options within the actual field. This is a bug, that I’ve created here:

    What you should really do is setup the Authors as their own Custom Post Type and create a Relationship to ‘Authors’. Then when you add an author using the Taggable option, it will create a new record in the Authors Custom Post Type and you can edit more information about the Author over there.

    Simple Custom Defined List is typically only used when you’ve got a very small set of values and you never have to touch those values again.

    If you’re still confused, please feel free to drop onto our Slack Chat at and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.



    Thank you for your very prompt reply –I was thinking it was probably something along those lines. I’ve been using Pods for awhile but have just only gotten started working with relationship fields — so still working my way up the learning curve.

    I also appreciate your creating the bug report because it was the presence of that taggable option that led me astray.

    Plugin Author Jim True


    No problem. Relationship fields are very powerful but can be confusing at times. I used to use Simple Custom Defined lists, but I usually find they’re better served by Taxonomy or a relationship to another Custom Post Type.

    And you’re welcome on the bug report; I had never noticed that one, but glad it was very easily reproduced and it would be confusing.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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