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    I believe the plugin is working on the backend. I’ve had people subscribe to my blog since installing it. Email addresses appear in my public subscribers list in the WP dashboard, but I have to manually confirm them. I’ve learned that subscribers are not receiving confirmation emails after subscribing.

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  • @gennifer1,

    Have you tested this yourself with an alternative email address? It’s not uncommon for spammers to fill out the form automatically and obviously these will never get confirmed.

    Hi Matt,
    Yes, I’ve tested this myself. And the people who have subscribed are friends and colleagues, so I know their email addresses are valid.

    When I test the “subscribe” button myself, I get an error that reads, “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”


    Are there any error messages on the Subscribe2->Settings page?

    Do you get emails for comments and lost passwords?

    There are no error messages on the Settings page that I can tell. Is there a dedicated location for error messages–I don’t see one.

    Yes, I receive emails when there are comments made on the blog.


    Error message on the admin site should be pretty apparent as they’ll be in a red banner above the top of the page content.

    In Subscribe2->Settings what setting do you have in the drop down where it says “Send Email From”? Does it say “Post Author”?

    If so, try changing it to on of the user account names and if possible one that uses and email address ending

    The “send email from” is already set to my user account, which has email address associated with it. I confirmed this after reading several other forum posts about similar issues.


    Can you successfully send emails from Subscribe2->Send Email when logged in as this user?

    Yes, I sent a test email to myself, the only registered subscriber, and received it.

    I have not yet sent an email to any of the public subscribers, and I haven’t posted to the blog since installing Subscribe2.


    Providing the templates in Subscribe2->Settings under the Templates tab are not empty I suspect the issues is on the web server then. You will easily be able to send emails to yourself (not many spammers do that) but when other recipients are involved the emails are being blocked on the server. It’s time to speak with your hosting provider and ask them why your emails are being blocked.

    In the meantime, you could also try installing Configure SMTP to push the emails via an authenticated SMTP server instead of the PHP mail() function.

    I see the test email in my subscribers list that you sent. Did you see the same error noted above when you submitted it? Assuming you did not receive a confirmation email?

    Also, I just tried to send an email to unconfirmed emails from S2>Send Email and got this message: “Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider. Could not instantiate mail function.”


    Okay, that’s two error messages from the code now saying emails are failing. You really need to speak with your hosting provider about enabling emails on the web server.

    Yes, already on it. Thanks.


    I hope they manage to sort things out on their server for you.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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