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    if i enable the Option “Allow Contributors & Subscribers to upload avatars” all of my Vendors loose the abbility to edit their Products in the Backend, basiclly it says “You do not have permission to Access that page”

    That are the Capabilities that the Vendor Role has as default:

    “read” => true,
    “edit_product” => true,
    “read_product” => true,
    “delete_product” => true,
    “edit_products” => true,
    “edit_others_products” => true,
    “delete_products” => true,
    “delete_published_products” => true,
    “delete_others_products” => false,
    “edit_published_products” => true,
    “assign_product_terms” => true,
    “upload_files” => true,
    “publish_events” => true,
    “edit_events” => true,
    “edit_user” => true,
    ‘view_woocommerce_reports’ => true,

    The Strange thing is that it worked prior to 3.9.1

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  • We are seeing the same problem. We have a role for comment moderators and as soon as we activate this plugin, they can no longer moderate wordpress comments, even though they still have the “moderate_comments” permission still applied.

    We may have to de-activate this plugin until a solution is found. : (

    My plugin checks for permissions that distinguish Subscribers from the other standard roles (Contributors, Authors, Editors, Administrators). Your special roles don’t have those permissions either, so they get treated as Subscribers. For a quick solution, you can add this to your functions.php file of your theme:

    function wpua_allow_access($offlimits) {
      // Don't restrict any pages
      $offlimits = array();
      return $offlimits;
    if(current_user_can('edit_products')) { // Apply this only to users with 'edit_products' permission; change this to whatever you like
      add_filter('wpua_subscriber_offlimits', 'wpua_allow_access');

    I don’t know yet how to handle this issue long-term.

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