• When I added the Simple eCommerce Shopping Cart plugin to my site I later noticed that the Gravity Forms confirmation text messages stopped appearing. The confirmation page was rendered but no text was displayed.

    I contacted the Simple eCommerce Shopping Cart app developer via email and he requested an admin login to the WP dashboard. I sent him the credentials and didn’t hear back for a few days. When I emailed him again to inquire how progress was going I noticed shortly after that the Gravity Forms submissions were failing because the database tables were set to read-only. Those tables happened to be the ones used by the Simple eCommerce Shopping Cart. I emailed the developer to ask if he was debugging and didn’t hear back.

    3 days later, still no word from the developer but the database errors no longer occurred. I still have the original problem with the Gravity Forms confirmation text not being displayed but at least the forms can be submitted again.

    I would have appreciated being informed of when the developer would be testing on my live site and would have expected a response to my many emails.

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