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  • Resolved Diwous


    I tried a couple of Translator plugins, but this your one is absolutelly best! Ideal for me and with no troubles. Works perfect!
    I have just a small cosmetical issue with GLT in Firefox browser.
    I use a Sliding Bar widget (small triangle with “+” in the right top corner) on this my site
    All browsers have no problem, but in Firefox this widget moves approx 1,5cm down, when GLT is activated.
    I deleted cache, cleared everything, even updated to newest version of Firefox, but after while the problem is back.
    I guess it happened when I ticked “Show Google Toolbar?” first time. Now it’s ticked off, but that 1,5cm is similar thickness as the Google Toolbar.
    Here is the picture to compare Firefox issue and Chrome where it’s ok.
    Can you advice how to fix it?

    EDIT: Finally I found out, that the issue happens only when I am logged in WordPress. When I log out – it’s ok. So the visitors of my site probably don’t have this issue, which is more important for me.

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  • Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Diwous, thanks for your post – yes there is some possibility for styling error conflicts since you are using the nice Sliding widget you have on your website.

    Would I be able to take a look at this while logged in? Maybe I can identify the issue.

    If you want, you can send a new user login and password here:

    Contact Us

    I will do my best to resolve! Thanks!

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Diwous, I’m glad you were able to fix the issue here. I’m sorry that I could not respond sooner.

    Let me know if you need any additional assistance.

    The only thing I can see now is that the container for all the flags in the floating widget is not big enough to accommodate all of the flags.

    Add this to the CSS box in “Settings > Google Language Translator”:

    .tool-container.tool-top {

    Hi Rob,
    thanks for your support.
    The issue described in my first comment (above) is still there (Only in Firefox and when I am logged in WordPress).

    The second trouble of the bottom floating widget you have described is new for me. So far I haven’t known about it. I am not absolutelly sure, but I think it was ok, when I started to use your plugin.
    I really can see that the first row of flags is inside the container and second row is out of it (under).
    When I added

    .tool-container.tool-top {

    then the container was enlarged, but the second row is still out. See my site:
    Same for Firefox and Chrome.
    So far I have used v.3.0.9
    I just updated for v.4.0.1 but both issues are still there.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Try adding this, in addition to what I provided earlier:

    .tool-items {

    I will keep looking into the first issue.

    Let me know if that CSS works

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Diwous, I think for your first issue, there is CSS conflicts between the two plugins. I would need some type of access that shows toolbar when logged in, because that will create the same view as you are seeing when logged in.

    I don’t need permission to edit the plugin, just create a user that allows me to display WordPress toolbar at top while viewing the site.

    Thanks, Rob

    Hi Rob,
    thanks. I tried the second CSS, but unfortunately it’s same as at the begining. See my site.

    About first issue. My theme has launched a new version, so at first I will try to update it and then I will let you know if it helped to fix that CSS conflict or not. The authors removed some bugs, so we will see..

    Hi Rob,

    About the “container height issue” it seems I fixed it by addition of this:

    .tool-container.tool-top, .tool-container.tool-bottom, .tool-items {height: auto;}

    It works and seems responsive for all screen sizes, as I have tried with this on-line screen size tester:

    Do you think, could be ok?

    Hi again,

    The first issue with “Sliding Bar widget” seems fixed as well.
    I have added this to the CSS box of my theme:

    body.admin-bar #wrapper #slidingbar-area {top: 0px;}

    Originally there was {top: 32px;} and that was the bit about which it was shifted down when logged in to WordPress.

    Checked in Firefox and Chrome and both are ok.
    Same as the previous issue “container height” is ok for both browsers.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Diwous, it looks good here. Yes, the top:32px would have definitely caused that issue – I obviously missed that one. I just assumed it was WordPress toolbar by itself causing the issue.

    So is your site issues now 100% resolved?

    Hi Rob,

    yes, it’s resolved, thanks for your effort and support.

    I just found some bug of the Settings, relating to the new feature Drag & Drop Flags. It works strange, when I catch and drag them, they stay at the position, but the rest is disarranged with blank space. It causes total chaos after while and the page must be refreshed without “Save changes” to get back.
    Do you see that issue as well?

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Diwous, no I’m not aware of that issue – maybe it could be some CSS? Do you have a screenshot you would mind posting. Thanks…

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Diwous, I have a hunch as to what could be happening. It could be some CSS conflicts from WordPress Dashboard, although I’m not getting any of those issues in my installation.

    I can look if you need help, but would need to see it in a live setting.


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