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    My Dashboard > Right Now panel says I’m running version 2.7, and it says version 2.7 in the bottom right of the page as well.

    But when I click on the Tools > Upgrade page, it says “You have the latest version of WordPress. You do not need to upgrade.”

    It gives me options for a re-install automatically and a download, but clicking the first one simply refreshes the page and removes all it’s text but not the menus, etc (!) and the download refreshes the page and does nothing.

    Where do I start trying to fix this? I’m pretty sure I’m still running 2.7 in spite of what the Upgrade page says.

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  • Just wondering. Do you have the plugin for auto upgrade? if so please delete and try it again. Native upgrade will work much better 🙂

    Interesting! I had it installed but inactive, so I deleted it altogether and refreshed the plugins page to check it was gone. Then I tried the aoto reinstall again – no change.

    But it did remind me that I’ve had problems before with plugins that want to access or do stuff to my blog from an external source (like pulling in Twitter streams, etc and I had to manually edit Akismet to work properly). I wonder if this is related? Previous issues seemed to be caused by my host’s firewall/proxy setup.

    I would start with plugins first, try deactivating them and see if one of them is preventing the upgrade. Let’s rule that out first.

    Ok, good point to rule things out first. I just went through and deactivated one plugin at a time, then tried the auto reinstall again after each one. Still the same “blank” page result after each one, so I’ve reactivated them.

    (For the record, in case anyone has a similar problem later, the plugins were: Akismet, Feedburner Feedsmith, Google Analyticator, Limit Posts, Secure & Accessible PHP Contact Form)

    So nothing happened, still can’t upgrade?

    Yes, it’s still giving me the blank page. I wish I’d upgraded sooner, but everything was working fine so it didn’t occur to me 🙂

    All right, let’s try this as well:
    Upgrading from Version 2.7.x to 3.0.4

    Success! Some tweaking to do, as my old theme doesn’t work as well in the new version, but it’s all upgraded and doing well.

    Thanks for talking me through this, much appreciated!

    You’re welcome, if all is good can you please mark the post “resolved” from your end.

    Keep enjoying WordPress,

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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