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  • When writing a new post, right above the box for inserting trackback URIs it says:

    Separate multiple URIs with spaces.

    But when I look at the help page (, it says:

    Trackback an URL
    This sends trackback pings to the URLs you specify in this field. You can trackback multiple URLs by separating them with commas. Whitespace between things is insignificant. For more information about Trackbacks see Trackback explained. (Which doesn’t exist yet.)

    I got to the above link from the bookmarklet help link. Is the information in the above link outdated? Which is the correct way to insert multiple trackback URIs?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Neither – both seem broken to me.
    Two posts here:
    Both TB to the same two posts on my blog.
    Only one trackback is received – to the second TB url when a space is used between them.

    I’ll post this to the hackers list.

    Spaces is correct, for 1.5.2 and trunk: commas is either out of date or just not true. The “only the second one” thing is on the receiving end: if you send to two space-separated URLs on two different weblogs, they both go, and if you send to two URLs on the same weblog, you can see from the server logs that both are POSTed, but only one is accepted. My first guess would be duplicate checking that isn’t checking whether it’s to the same post.

    Though as usual, my first guess would be wrong: it’s actually returning the “Slow down cowboy” error from two comments in less than 15 seconds, although my trunk install doesn’t do that, and does accept two pings, even though I don’t see any change in the code that ought to have fixed it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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