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  • I’m still looking into it, but the List Category Post plugin (v0.70) doesn’t include the category name in permalinks it creates if I’m running WordPress 4.7 and Role Scoper 1.4.1. So the permalink doesn’t work. Other permlinks (not created by List Category Post) are fine (I think, haven’t checked thoroughly). If I turn off Role Scoper then the List Category Post plugin works normally. This wasn’t a problem with previous version of WordPress (been using both these plugins for years).

    List Category Post calls “get_permalink”. I’ve been tracing that through trying to figure out where Role Scoper intercepts it. wp-includes/taxonomy.php’s function “get_object_term_cache” appears to be returning an empty array instead of ‘false’ or the expected data. If I modify the “get_the_terms” function in wp-includes/category-template.php to always call wp_get_object_terms (as if the cache check returned false) then the permalinks created by List Category Post are correct.

    My thought is maybe something else needs to be changed in terms-interceptor_rs.php besides the change you made for 1.4.1, but I really don’t understand how Role Scoper works under the hood at all. Any ideas?

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  • Well, I gave up, and bought Press Permit Pro. That works okay in my limited testing so far. As the FAQ says there’s no further development of Role Scoper planned so it was time to switch anyway.

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